Zirconia Restorations

Its type of ceramic or in more specific term a zirconium oxide that’s stronger than porcelain and some metal alloys. Zirconia is the most durable monolithic ceramic, which is a ceramic made without added Materials.

Benefit of getting a Zirconia Restoration

  • Gets fewer sharp edges from the normal ‘wear and tear ‘that happens over time
  • Zirconia crowns tend to cause less stress and damage on opposing pieces than their porcelain counterparts
  • The latter might act like sandpaper when rubbing against your other teeth and causing enamel erosion

Zirconia Restoration Types

    • Crowns
    • Bridge from 3 units and up (according to the case requirements)
    • Implants

Zirconia is more split-resistant, stiffer, and stronger than other porcelain restoration. These properties hinder cracking and chipping, both on the surrounding teeth and the one underneath the crown. Zirconia has a better shielding capacity that can take higher loads without compromising the integrity of your smile.

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